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Members of our governing body are drawn from different aspects of our community. We have members who are Parents (elected by the parental body); Foundation (selected by the Parish), Staff (elected by the staff), (Co-opted, selected by the Governing Body to bring specific skills or expertise), as well as those with a role that entitles them to be a governor (Rector or their deputy and Headteacher).

Our current Governing Body is:

Mr Nick Sheppard (ex-Officio, deputising for the Rector)

Mrs Liz Tuddenham (Co-opted; Term ends 8/10/2020)

Mrs Lisa Childs (Foundation Governor; Term ends 1/9/2018)

Mrs Rosie Foster (Foundation Governor; Term ends 1/9/2018)

Mr Mark Stonell (Parent Governor; Term ends 1/9/2017)

Mr Rick Weights (Headteacher)

Mrs Val Law (Staff Governor; Term ends 8/10/2020)

Mr Kevin Duncan (Parent Governor; Term ends 1/4/2019)

Mrs Tracy Pickles (Parent Governor; Term ends 8/10/2020)

We have two sub-committees that report back to the Full Governing Body:

– Curriculum & Standards (terms of reference curriculum-2016)

– Finance, Staffing and Premises (terms of reference finance-2016)

Governors undertake specific responsibilities on behalf of the Full Governing Body. The current list of these is:

Governor roles & responsibilities 2015 – 16

Chair Nick Sheppard
Vice-Chair Lisa Childs
Health & Safety Rosie Foster
Safeguarding Mark Stonell
Performance management (HT) Nick Sheppard, Lisa Childs, Rosie Foster
EYFS Val Law
SEN Nick Sheppard
Pupil Premium Liz Tuddenham
Curriculum & Standards committee Nick Sheppard, Kevin Duncan, Rosie Foster, Val Law, Rick Weights
Finance, staffing & premises committee Lisa Childs, Liz Tuddenham, Rick Weights, Mark Stonell, Nick Sheppard
School Development Planning Liz Tuddenham
Academy Working Party Kevin Duncan, Liz Tuddenham, Jess Dales (co-opted)

All governors must declare interests that may conflict with the work that they do. Currently, no governors have conflicting interests. A full register of business interests is maintained in the school office.

We have developed a ‘Governor Job Description‘  so that you can see the expectations of the role. If you are interested in becoming a governor when we have a vacancy, please contact the school office or the Chair of Governors.

Our governors operate within the guidelines of an agreed Governors Code of Practice, and are expected to operate within the ‘Nolan Principles of Public Life’ at all times.